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Photo of Person Helping Someone with Shoulder Pain

Profession Detail

Athletic Trainer


20 - 40


  • 20 CEUs Upper Body
  • 20 CEUs Lower Body
  • 40 CEUs Certification

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Live Online Course

Up to 20


  • 20 CEUs Upper Body
  • 20 CEUs Lower Body
  • 0 CEUs Certification

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On Demand Online

15 - 19


  • 17<sup>&frac12;</sup> CEUs Upper Body
  • 15 CEUs Lower Body
  • 19 CEUs Certification

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What is the MyoKinesthetic System?

Dr. Uriarte’s unique, research-driven System is a muscle movement technique created to relieve pain by correcting and balancing the nervous system. Dr. Uriarte created MyoKinesthetics over a 20 year period by integrating research and clinical practice to produce systematic, effective and repeatable results.

The MyoKinesthetic System will enable you to:

  • Relieve the root problems causing pain
  • Rebalance the nervous system
  • Reset the body
  • Restore health and movement within the natural ability of your patients

Benefits of the MyoKinesthetic System?

There is simply nothing else like it. The MyoKinesthetic System is not a repackaged technique. It is the result of more than 20 years of hands-on research and development with published research to back it up.

MyoKinesthetic System Benefits Physical Therapist:

  • No thumb-work
  • More referrels & Positive word of mouth
  • Cutting-edge techniques/information
  • Fast results
  • Be seen as the expert
  • Scheduling becomes easy because Patients come back for more treatments
  • Treatment plan laid out for you

3 Courses to Master the MYK System

Improve your practice as you earn CEUs and learn alongside Dr. Uriarte, creator of the MyoKinesthetic System. Dr. Uriarte designs each course as a dynamic environment with hands-on learning and in-the-moment discussions. Gain insights, skills and approaches to dramatically advance your practice. Videos and resources available on course completion will help you absorb these manual therapy techniques.

How it works

  • The MYK System is a unique neurological treatment done with soft tissue work.
  • The System’s power lies in the muscles we combine from the nerve root, not in how we treat.
  • Posture is the outward expression of the nervous system.
  • By balancing posture, we balance the nervous system to increase function and eliminate pain.
  • Full treatments take 3-15 minutes, or 3-5 minutes when combined with an adjustment.

Our Courses

Upper Body Course
Learn to treat problems from the top of the head through the torso extending to hands. Details

Lower Body Course
Address problems from the low-back and abdominal region through legs and toes. Details

Certification Course
Learn advanced assessment and treatment protocols, and how to rebalance the nervous system and affect the organs. Details

What type of course works for you?

The MyoKinesthetic System is taught with an engaging, hands-on, on demand online, or live online courses designed to help you master the MYK system and offer life-changing care to your clients.



Learn with your peers in this 2 day in-person course with Dr.Mike

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Live Online Course

Learn with other students in this 2 day live training with Dr. Mike

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On Demand Online

Get Access to the training for 1 year with contact to Dr. Mike through email and phone

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Real People
Real Transformations


I just wanted to share my first success story from your workshop this weekend. I treated one of my athletes with chronic shin splints and she just completed her first double track workout without any pain!

Kari B., Senior Athletic Trainer,

El Camino College


Taking the upper body course has made my practice much better, and I have a better understanding of the neurological aspect of muscular work. I’ve had (players) tell me how much better they have responded to this treatment after past therapy sessions that have not succeeded. I can’t wait to take the lower body course!

Steve., ATC, LMT

Chicago Cubs organization


I just left my post-polio patient. I did an L5 treatment. She got up and began to walk and said ‘Oh my God!’ I said ‘what? … what?’ There is no low back pain, but more importantly her stability and balance has improved! This is a long-time private patient. We are both thrilled with the results!

Ricki R., Physical Therapist

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