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Upper Body Course

The Brachial and Cervical Plexus


Learn anatomy and how to evaluate and how to treat the root problems of pain


Practice and apply skills to individually address each muscle; no thumb work

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Dr. Uriarte teaches all classes – Learn the MyoKinesthetic System from the founder and developer!



Learn with your peers in this 2 day in-person course with Dr.Mike

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Live Online Course

Learn with other students in this 2 day live training with Dr. Mike

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On Demand Online

Get Access to the training for 1 year with contact to Dr. Mike through email and phone

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About The MyoKinesthetic Institute

The MyoKinesthetic System was created by Michael Uriarte, D.C., to help patients living with pain and mobility issues.

  • Developed with over 25 years of research
  • 10,000+ professionals trained
  • 250,000 CEUs awarded in more than 30 states

MyoKinesthetic System manual therapy techniques can be used by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and PTAs, Occupational Therapists and OTAs, Athletic Trainers, and Massage Therapists.


I just wanted to share my first success story from your workshop this weekend. I treated one of my athletes with chronic shin splints and she just completed her first double track workout without any pain!

Kari B., Senior Athletic Trainer,

El Camino College


Taking the upper body course has made my practice much better, and I have a better understanding of the neurological aspect of muscular work. I’ve had (players) tell me how much better they have responded to this treatment after past therapy sessions that have not succeeded. I can’t wait to take the lower body course!

Steve., ATC, LMT

Chicago Cubs organization


I just left my post-polio patient. I did an L5 treatment. She got up and began to walk and said ‘Oh my God!’ I said ‘what? … what?’ There is no low back pain, but more importantly her stability and balance has improved! This is a long-time private patient. We are both thrilled with the results!

Ricki R., Physical Therapist


This is by far the best online course I have ever seen. You went all out and it shows!

Dennis C. DC


I told myself that if this technique does half of what Dr. Uriarte says, I have to learn it. After class I used it on my non-responding frozen shoulder patient. After his first treatment, he was pain free. After his second treatment, he regained 80% of his movement. This stuff is unbelievable!

Pete W. DC


Over the course of my twenty-four years as a licensed therapist, I have not found any other continuing education class that is as helpful, insightful, and scientifically based- as well as immediately useful for clinical application.

Ron LoCicero PT


Dr. Mike is a very effective teacher and as a rehab specialist I found his inclusion of rehab exercises to reinforce the protocol particularly helpful. Dr. Mike connected with and communicated with the class as though he had a specific understanding of our profession, almost like he was a PT himself.

Bill R. PT


I have been practicing since 1995 and taken many ce classes. I can honestly say this is the ONLY technique I carried into my practice and use on a daily basis. Dr. Mike doesn’t teach about bones, but about treating the muscles along a single nerve pathway to correct posture, balance, ROM and pain.

Angie W. PT


Dr. Uriarte provides hands on postural analysis and treatment and effectively explains the rationale of how the nervous system is impacted by resetting the muscles on a specific nerve pathway. The PT’s I work with ask me to work with certain patients because of the results I get using MYK.

Roxanna A. PTA


Dr Mike's knowledge of and ability to teach A & P as well as technique is far above/beyond Massage Therapy Instructors whose classes I have taken. Postural evaluation allows you to zero in on specific problems and treatments. My practice/ability has taken a giant leap toward the medical.

Karen C. MT


This technique has increased my knowledge of the body systems as a whole, therefore allowing me to help my clients in a more efficient and complete manner.

Miriam Q. MT


MYK is completely different than any other massage technique I've studied, practiced or otherwise come across. Dr.Uriarte is the best instructor I've had because of the way he explains and delivers information. Each time I take a course I learn something new, because the technique is constantly evolving.

May H. MT


This technique is so different than any other I have studied that I find

nothing else compares. I am trained in Osteopathy in the UK and in massage

in 3 countries over 30 years. How good is Dr. Mike? Who else could make people put in several 10-hour days in a row and still have them try to keep you from leaving as they want more? MYK is simple and elegant, saves time, gets great results that patients love and they are happy to pay.

Gayle W-S. MT


The information in the manuals is exceptionally well done and very complete. Dr. Mike has away of explaining the material that makes everyone understand, and if some one does not "get it", he takes the time to work with that individual till he does. This material is definitely unique, ORIGINAL, and produces excellent results.

Park B. MT


Dr. Mike has an uncanny method of making the most complex concepts easy to understand, but most of all is ever encouraging and willing to share what he knows. MYK has given me one success story after another, my clients are happier, I am happier, more efficient and less stressed about outgoings and overhead.

Deirdre L. MT


Dr. Mike is a brilliant instructor. He is a wealth of information and presents the MYK System in a way that makes learning FUN again! MYK has allowed me to keep practicing as a massage therapist when I couldn't physically do traditional massage any longer. I am able to continue to help people feel better, hold their results longer, all with less strain on my body.

Nyla C. MT


MYK is totally different than any CE class I’ve ever attended. Dr. Mike has a unique teaching style that is full of humor. My whole survival in this field is due to being trained in this technique.

David W. MT


MYK is a faster treatment and my clients prefer this. Dr. Mike is very approachable, enjoyable, dedicated and enthusiastic instructor. MYK is a different approach to each specific problem and I can give a treatment accordingly.

Melissa J. MT


MYK has changed the way I practice and is not like anything else that I have studied. MYK helps me treat more than just symptoms, it helps me discover and treat the root cause of pain. Dr. Mike is one of the best teachers. His willingness to answer all questions, make me think, and make himself available after we go back to our practices. I will continue to re-take classes from Dr. Mike knowing I will come home  having learned many new things.

Sally J. MT


Over 23 years I have studied a lot of therapies, the last 16 years averaging 120 hrs/year. I have never come across a technique that is similar to MYK, nor with so many applications with such great results. Dr. Mike is one of the best instructors I have had. He interjects humor into his class and inspired me to be a better LMT.

Steve Z. MT


Dr. Mike shows enthusiasm and a real passion for MYK. He encourages us to be committed to help people who could not be helped by other methods. The classes attract therapists with a drive to go further in their desire to improve their clients quality of life.

Bete C. MT


I have been practicing massage since 1988. I have enjoyed some fabulous classes and others that simply rehashed old techniques. In all that time I never encountered the innovated and revolutionary work being done by Dr. Uriarte. His passion and dedication cannot be duplicated.

"C" K. MT

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Upper Body Course

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