Myokinesthetic System Testimonals

Whether you're a chiropractor, athletic trainer, physical therapist, massage therapist, or some other healthcare professional — or you're just interested in helping yourself — the MyoKinesthetic System gets results.

It also gets rave reviews. Here is just a few of the success stories satisfied healthcare professionals and patients send Dr. Michael Uriarte almost every day:

  • Taking the upper body course has made my practice much better, and I have a better understanding of the neurological aspect of muscular work. I’ve had (players) tell me how much better they have responded to this treatment after past therapy sessions that have not succeeded. I can’t wait to take the lower body course!
    Steve ATC, LMT, Chicago Cubs organization
  • I just wanted to share my first success story from your workshop this weekend. I treated one of my athletes with chronic shin splints and she just completed her first double track workout without any pain!
    Kari B., Senior Athletic Trainer, El Camino College
  • Thanks for a great course! So far I have done four treatments on L4 radicular pain. L4 symptoms are now absent! Have now done three S1 treatments for Plantar Fasciitis with 80% improvement! Thanks again.
    Donna H. ATC
  • I want to update you on a few cases using your system. The Plantar Fasciitis is much improved for a male basketball player. Overall, his legs feel great and his heel pain is improved! A woman basketball player developed shin splints and feels 60% better after four treatments. A staff member had achy/burning pain on the inside of her ankle and after two treatments the ache was not there and the burning greatly diminished. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to the upper body class and using it with more of my athletes. Thanks.
    Jim G., Head Athletic Trainer, St. John Fisher College
  • I had exceptionally good results with a lumbar foraminal stenosis patient recently. He came in severely flexed and on crutches. Because he couldn’t stand up straight, I only did MyoKinesthetic treatments. In a few sessions, he was walking without crutches, standing and walking tall and straight. AWESOME!
    Pauline LJ PT
  • Yesterday was awesome. My last patient of the day floated out of the clinic. She’d been anxious and depressed due to work/disability situation. She walked out with no headache, no shoulder pain, no tension, and feeling ‘open’ and ‘light.’ She is pumped and so am I. I can’t thank you enough. I think this is the piece I’ve been missing in my treatment all these years.
    Missy C. PT
  • I mainly do home health care and knowing the alternate positioning for the lower body has hugely increased my effectiveness of my treatments. I mostly see the older population and most have recliners or lift chairs that recline back and I do the entire treatment with them in one position. I'm knocking people’s pain out, and seeing huge improvements in ROM in shoulders, knees and hips.
    Chad S. PTA
  • I’ve tried the treatment on several of my current patients and I am pleased to say I’ve had some amazing results that have left several skeptical patients somewhat dumbfounded relative to the complete abolishment (not just reductions) of their symptoms. Thanks for the education!”
    Jeff PT, OH
  • My husband has so many health conditions that there are too many to list. He has been through countless doctors and even more medications. There is never a change in pain or range of motion. I came home from class and wanted to keep the info fresh in my head and practiced on him by following the DVD. I chose C5 because of his shoulder problems. I have to admit, I was just practicing. I didn’t expect any results. He never gets results! I told him if we were lucky after a week we may see some results because of the severity and 20+ years of his problem. He stood up … he has NO PAIN!!! Arms that did not abduct are now over his head clapping! He went to bed, got up this morning and still had NO PAIN and still had FULL ROM! The results stayed! I have to go to work now and tell everyone about this miracle! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Charlene R. LMT
  • I have a patient who would wake up every night or early morning with headaches that would continue throughout the day. He was in daily pain for over 35 years. After five MyoKinesthetic treatments he was 65% better. After the seventh treatment, he went 15 days without a headache. Today he says he is 90% better. Thanks to this technique we have beaten the unbeatable
    Kathy B.
  • You probably don't remember, but I talked to you on the phone long before the Denver class about my arthritic hands. I thought I was going to have to give up massage. Now my business is thriving again and my hands are saved. God bless you always.
    Sami, WA
  • I have been treating a patient with Meniere’s disease for about a year now. We started out giving a MyoKinesthetic treatment one week and a massage the next. She was having vertigo daily and could not drive, had headaches and throwing up. She had received many different techniques over the years with no relief. Now we are giving one MyoKinesthetic treatment a month. She is back driving and has not had a major spin in over 9 months. Now her biggest complaint is that her neighbor is a jerk. Ha ha
    Ed, OH
  • Dr. Mike, I just wanted to pass along a testimonial I received:‘Sheila, I cannot tell you how much that visit with you has helped me. My whole left leg is like a new body part … it was almost like a miracle! I'm sorry I couldn’t tip you when I left that morning. $5.00 would have been an insult. Please accept this $20.00 check with my deepest thanks and appreciation for your skill! Get the word out to more … this technique is the BEST!’ I just had to let you know how wonderful your technique works and how appreciative people are. Knowing how to effectively help people and to eliminate their pain is the greatest reward.
    Sheila, Omaha, NE
  • Doc, I have to tell you this work is unbelievable! Whenever I have a patient that doesn't respond quickly to adjustments, I do this [MyoKinesthetic System] and they stand up better. What a great tool to have. This work has made me a better doctor!
    Shane, CO
  • About 20 minutes after I received my first MyoKinesthetic treatment, I could feel shifting and twitching in my body and a wonderful sensation of warmth in the left side of my chest. By evening, I noticed I could step really high. I haven’t been able to step that high for three or four years. By the next morning an arthritic middle joint of my left pinky was about 70% less painful and 90% more flexible. Also, each day since then my low back has become more flexible. I feel like my cervical curve is realigning itself. This was just one MyoKinesthetic treatment and NO adjustment
    Dr. Fred Chard, D.C.
  • I just left my post-polio patient. I did an L5 treatment. She got up and began to walk and said ‘Oh my God!’ I said ‘what? … what?’ There is no low back pain, but more importantly her stability and balance has improved! This is a long-time private patient. We are both thrilled with the results!
    Ricki R. PT
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