PT CEU Approval

Alabama Board of Physical Therapy — Approved 20 CE Hours
Alaska Physical Therapy Association — Approved 20 CEUs

Physical Therapy — Approved Upper Body - 1.925 or 19.25 hours #14-0202 from Aug. 1 2014 - July 30 2015

Also approved 20 hours per AZ board requirements due to approvals with Florida, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, etc. PT associations

A.A.C. R4-24-401-R4-24-303 establishes 3 categories that can fulfill license renewal. Up to 20 hours during each 2 year compliance period from category A and up to 10 hours from a combination of category B and C.

Category A are approved for contact hours by one of the following:

  1. an accredited medical PT or health care education program; 
  2. a national or state medical, PT, or health care association; or 
  3. a national medical, PT, or health care specialty society
Arkansas Physical Therapy — Approved for 19 hours. Approved indefinitely until curriculum changes.
California Physical Therapy
Colorado Physical Therapy — Approved 20 hours or 20 points - for category I PDA (Professional Development Activities)
Connecticut Physical Therapy — Approved 20 hours — no pre-approval required — Continuing education shall be in areas related to the individual's practice. The law does not specifically identify qualifying continuing education course work.  Internet-based and distance learning opportunities are acceptable provided such coursework is related to the practice of physical therapy.  The Department does not approve continuing education courses or pre-approve specific coursework for individual licensees, nor does the Department maintain a list of continuing education courses.
Delaware Physical Therapy — Approved 20 hours - Board rule 7.2.1 Continuing education units that have been previously approved during the current licensing period by another agency such as a national governing body or a fellow state licensing board shall be acceptable to the examining board for the State of Delaware as appropriate CEUs. Approved by the Delaware Examining Board of Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers for 18 hours or 1.8 CEUs for Upper Body and 18 hour or 1.8 CEUs for Lower Body.
Florida Board of Physical Therapy — Approved 23 hours for each class for Upper Body CE17-79393 through Dec 31, 2017, and  23 hours for Lower Body CE17-79399 Through Dec 31, 2017

Physical Therapy — Approved 1.9 ceu's or 19 hours - Upper Body class through Jan. 14, 2016. Approved 20 hours — Lower Body class through Jan. 19, 2015.
ALSO APPROVED because of our approvals from other states according to the Georgia Board of Physical Therapy.
The following programs may be considered for approval, but are not limited to:
"Programs approved by the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia or any other state chapters"

Hawaii Physical Therapy — no CEUs required
Idaho Physical Therapy — preparing to apply for CEUs
Illinois Physical Therapy - Approved 19 hours through Illinois Physical Therapy Association #680-6753 for Lower Body thru July 1, 2018 and #680-6754 for Upper Body thru August 1, 2018 AND 38 HOURS for #680-6801 Autonomic Nervous System - Visceral Treatments thru November 1, 2018
Indiana Physical Therapy — no CEUs required
Iowa Board of Physical Therapy — Approved 20 hours — 645-203.3(148A,272C) standards.
203.3(1) General Criteria. A continuing education activity which meets all of the following criteria is appropriate for continuing education credit if the continuing education activity:
  1. Constitutes an organized programs of which contributes directly to the professional competency of the licensee;
  2. Pertains to subject matters which integrally relate to the practice of the profession;
  3. Is conducted by individuals who have specialized education, training and experience by reasons of which said individuals should be considered qualified concerning the subject matter of the program.
At the time of audit, the board may request the qualifications of presenters:
  1. Fulfills stated program goals, objectives, or both; and
  2. Provides proof of attendance to licensees in attendance including:
    1. Date, location, course title, presenter;
    2. Number of program contact hours;
    3. Certificate of completion or evidence of successful completion of the course provided by the course sponsor.

Board of Physical Therapy — Approved 20.0 hours Upper body CEUL010358 and 20.0 hours Lower Body CEUL010359 Through Dec. 31, 2017. AND 40 HOURS Autonomic Nervous System - Visceral Treatments CEUL012441 through 12-31-17


Kentucky Physical Therapy Association— Approved Category 1 Upper and Lower Body class for 20 ceu's. Approved Category 1 Upper and Lower body home study 18.5 ceu's per Texas PT Approval. 
  1. Category 1 continued competency shall be any of the following:
    1. Completion of courses, seminars, workshops, symposia or home study courses consisting of at least three (3) contact hours that have been approved by board, the board's designee, APTA or its components, or any other physical therapy licensing agency;
Louisiana  Approved 20 hours Upper Body class and 20 hours Lower Body class through Dec. 31 2016
Maine Physical Therapy — no CEUs required
Maryland Board of Physical Therapy — Approved 17 hours or 1.7 CEUs for upper and 17 hours or 1.7 CEUs for Lower. Good through February 5th 2013
Massachusetts Physical Therapy — no CEUs required
Michigan Physical Therapy — no CEUs required

Board of Physical Therapy — Approved 20 ceu's automatically because already approved in other states, KS, FL, TX, IL etc. 
Minnesota Administrative Rules:
5601.2400 Category I Credit
The board shall grant Category I continuing education credit meeting the standards of Items A-C:
B. any course planned, sponsored, or co-sponsored by the APTA or other national or sate physical therapy association. 

Mississippi Board of Physical Therapy — Approved 20 clinical hours for upper and lower body through June 2009.

Physical Therapy — Approved 20 hours for upper and lower body hands on classes and 18.5 for upper and lower home study courses. 

Per MO PT standards: any hands on class or home study course approved by another state PT association meets the standards for MO PT and need not apply for approval. 

Nebraska Physical Therapy — Approved 20 hours, no pre-approval required — In order for the learning experience to be accepted for the renewal or reinstatement of a license or certificate, the learning experience must relate to physical therapy and it may focus on research, treatment, documentation, management or education.
Nevada Physical Therapy — Approved 1.5 clinical CEUs Lower Body class approved through July 31, 2013, Upper Body class approved 1.5 clinical CEUs through July 2014
New Hampshire Physical Therapy — Approved 19 hours, no pre-approval required
New Jersey Physical Therapy
New Mexico  
New York Physical Therapy — On July 7, 2008, Chapter 207 of the Laws of 2008, which requires physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to complete thirty-six hours of continuing education during each three-year re-registration period, was signed into law by Governor David A. Paterson. The law does not take effect until September 1, 2009. The law cannot be fully implemented until regulations are developed and adopted by the Board of Regents, which is expected to occur early next year.
North Carolina

Physical Therapy — Approved 20 hours or 20 CEUs — 21 NCAC 48G.0108 Approval of Providers and Activities: (c) The following organizations are approved providers:

  1. Any agency or board responsible for licensing individuals to practice physical therapy in the United States or Canada;
  2. The APTA, including sections, credentialed residencies and fellowships and its accrediting subsidiary;
  3. State chapters of APTA
  4. The FSBPT
  5. Any providers approved or accredited by the agencies or organizations listed in 1-4 of this paragraph
North Dakota Physical Therapy — Approved 20 hours

Board of Physical Therapy

  • Approved 19.25 hours — Upper Body Class 19.25 hours — 16SO231 through 3-19-2017 and 17S0543 through 4-1-2018, Lower Body Class 19.25 hours — 16SO232 through 4-19-2017 and 17S0544 through 4-29-2018,
  • Approved 20 hours — Upper Body home study 10S0544— , Lower Body home study — 10S0546 good through 2011
  • Approved 8 hours — Headache home study — 10S0547, Plantar Fasciitis home study - 10S0548  good through 3-28-2011
Oklahoma  Approved 19 hours Upper Body - #201302354, Approved 19 hours Lower Body #201303564
Oregon Physical Therapy — Approved 20 ceu's, no Prior Approval required
Pennsylvania Physical Therapy — Approved 19.25 hours Lower Body thru 12-31-16 and 19.5 hours Upper Body thru 12-31-16
Rhode Island Physical Therapy — No CEUs required
South Carolina Physical Therapy — Approved for 20 CEUs per SC Board of PT requirements. Standards for approval of continuing education per SC Board of PT: 101-07 4(A) The following courses are automatically approved for required contact hours: APTA, SCAPTA and courses sponsored by other state professional physical therapy associations. 

South Dakota Physical Therapy — No CEUs required
Tennessee Board of Physical Therapy — Approved 19.5 hours: Lower Body class 19.5 hours #2017-052 good through 4-7-2018 and Upper Body 19.5 hours good through 3-31-2018 
Texas Physical Therapy — Lower Body hands on class #62631 for 20 CCU's good thru 1-21-2019, Upper Body hands on class #55832TX for 19.5 CCU's good through 8-2-16, Upper Body home study #52766A for 18.5 CEUs good thru 6-20-2014,Lower body home study #52765A for 18.5 CEUs good thru 6-25-2014
Utah Physical Therapy — No CEUs required
Vermont Physical Therapy — No CEUs required
Washington Board of Physical Therapy — No Prior Approval  required
West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy — 

Physical Therapists — Approved 20 CEUs for upper body # 16453 thru 2-19-17 and #16704 thru Feb. 24 2018; ALSO lower body # 16452 through 1-22-17 and #16705 thru Feb. 17, 2018 


Wyoming Physical Therapy — No CEUs required