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Better results … better business

You’re dedicated. You went into Chiropractic because you like helping people … and you love cutting edge care. Are you ready to take your care to the next level? Especially when it can lead to more business? Take your practice up a notch with a technique that helps you serve others better … while better serving your business.

The MyoKinesthetic System will give you the edge you need to better serve your patients … earn more for your business … and be seen as the expert in cutting-edge healthcare!



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Better results for them!

The MyoKinesthetic System is based on a simple principle, if you can identify the root of a problem, you can solve it. In this case, the nerve-root!

Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, the System gives you the tools you need to analyze the underlying cause of the symptoms you see … and then apply the “no-thumbs necessary” technique to give people long-lasting relief and results!


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Business boost for you!

If you can get to the root cause of an issue – and apply the correct technique to solve it – quickly and easily, a couple of things happen:

  1. Your patients feel so good they ask when to come back – Scheduling becomes easier
  2. Words gets out and referrals increase

These are the kinds of healthy results that put you head and shoulders above the competition and generate more and more business.


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Stay Certified. Stay in Business.

Classes in the MYK System have received DC CEU approval in a number of states. States Approved for Chiropractic CEUs

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Is the MyoKinesthetic System right for my practice?

  • Am I regarded as an expert in my field?
  • Am I receiving the kinds of constant referrals I deserve?
  • Am I making enough money for the work that I do?
  • Do I have enough free time to exercise and take care of myself everyday?
  • Am I giving back to the community the way I always wanted to?

Well, are you? If you answered “no” to even one of these questions, you owe it to your patients, your business, and yourself to check out the MyoKinesthetic System today!