Published Articles

Published Articles

A relatively new method allows a therapist to effectively manipulate specific nerves.

By Michael Uriarte
Photos by Jason Dailey

Massage Therapy Journal ArticlePeople want to pull up to the fast-food window and have their food ready without slowing down the car. The same goes for their health. If they can feel just as relaxed and have a greater reduction in pain in less time, they will line up outside your door, so long as they don’t have to wait.

The massage profession is the most giving profession I have experienced. I have observed the wonderful benefits of soft tissue work over the years. Someone once told me that I should have been a therapist instead of a doctor, because I don’t “act” like a doctor. I believe he meant that I was interested in helping the person, not just making money.

Over the years I have seen therapists work long, hard hours, and not see the results with their clients that they wanted. Therapists have told me that their income is limited because they work per minute, and there are only so many minutes in a day. A few years ago, I developed a technique that increases results and only takes a fraction of the time that a therapist normally spends with a client.

Note: This article appeared in Massage Therapy Journal, Summer 2004

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